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Geometry Helping to Plan Tasmania’s Future

PlanBuild Tasmania is an initiative of the Tasmanian Government and is a central repository of information and the communication hub for the management of development applications across Tasmania.

The portal supports Tasmanian councils with the administration of legislative requirements for planning, building, plumbing, public health applications and interaction with other government agencies involved in the development process.

The portal is an independent resource that allows developers to accept and assign development applications to the relevant stakeholder. It will also receive and process development application fees and act as a two-way communication medium between project stakeholders.

Geometry is the sole developer of PlanBuild Tasmania platform, which will be deployed as a cloud solution.

Office Renovations (nearly) Complete

The Geometry office renovations are complete with the exception of a few aesthetic touches still to be added. The team have moved back in, setup their new workstations, and are back to full production. Congratulations to the two team members that have added to their family inventory during the work-from-home period and best wishes to the one on the way.

Flutter Technology gets Butterfly App off the Ground

Developed by Geometry, the Butterflies Australia App was launched on 24 October 2019. In the first week alone, there were around 2000 mobile installs, resulting in over 1200 registered users submitting upwards of 200 sightings across the country (see below).

The Geometry team made extensive use of Google’s Flutter technology to design the mobile component of the project, which excels on both Android and iOS platforms. The innovative citizen science project, managed through the Australian National University, supports the establishment of the first national database of validated butterfly sightings in Australia. Geometry also developed a moderation framework to allow data validation by domain experts.